DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces with Floating Candles

DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces: Floating Candles

Mason Jar centerpiece for wedding or outdoor party. Add candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere and mason jars will add a rustic touch. Fill jars with water.Tie a string to top of jar with a secure bow. Add floating long burning candle in each jar.

idea for pretty center piece submerging flowers and using floating candles

How to Create Professional Looking DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Beautiful center pieces or just around the house- rocks, flower of your choice (maybe string it to a rock by the stem so it doesn't float) in a vase, fill with water, add small candle and voila-on the mantle?

Love the flower aisle and simple large glasses with candles

If you don't want a runner, this is the next best thing. Imagine walking down a path strewn with fragrant flower petals. A garden path strewn with flower petals, accompanied by hurricanes with floating candles. dapt the hurricane and petals


Colorful Candle Holders How-To

Colorful Candles This arresting centerpiece idea offers festive color and ambience for hours. Purchase brightly hued taper candles that coordinate with your wedding's palette, then spraypaint wooden candleholders of varying heights to match them

Spine candles.

DIY Spine Candles Like in the prisoner of azkaban!<----This comment. Just like in PoA. Harry Potter always!

circle wall candles

Circles Wall-Mount Votive Holder

Pottery Barn Circles Votive Holder Knock Off LeMaster .for the family room wall? There is a tutorial to DIY it and you could make it any size or shape you want

Tuna cans, battery operated candles, scrapbook paper.  Original post is in a foreign languange, but pictures are great!, I saw this product on TV and have already lost 24 pounds!

Decorated tins with tea lights, great out door decor! Country style wall candle holders Dollar store Christmas tins and battery tea lights.


floating candle bowls for centerpiece. Lots of candle light makes an evening wedding/reception extra beautiful.

hanging candles

Love the idea of illuminating a backyard with mason jar candle holders hanging from trees - cute to light the way for the long outdoor reception

gorgeous!  might have candles placed in a heart shape for the photo

Light it up if you plan to spend some of the evening hours on the beach. All you need are white paper bags, sand, and votive candles. It's simple, inexpensive, and a beautiful way to set the mood!

spring candles

7 Great Pinterest Party Ideas!

Weddbook ♥ Lavender wrapped candles for Wedding table decoration. imagine how the candle heat would bring out the lovely lavender smell.

Beautiful flowers and floating candles.  Would look amazing around the bath or in the dinning area.

Ideas for wedding candle centerpieces you can make yourself. Cheap elegant candle and floating candle centerpiece ideas and photos.

black lace candles bethanyerin86

Beautiful black lace votive candle decor that will add elegance to any Halloween get together via Pretty Pretty Things! try it with other types of lace too!