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an old stone building with a clock on it's face in the middle of a park
Khajuraho Temples History And Dance Festival
A detailed look into what made Khajuraho one of the ‘Seven Wonders of India’ and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
two people are sitting on their motorbikes in front of an old castle like structure
Rohtas fort Jhelum Punjab Pakistan
an old stone castle with a large arched window
Royal Mughals ℹ on Twitter
Royal Mughals ℹ on Twitter: "Raja Todar Mal, an ally of Sher Shah Suri before joining the mughals, constructed the Rohtas Fort between 1541-48 near the city of Jhelum in the Pakistani province of #Punjab to check Humayun from Persia, and also to halt the local Muslim tribes from joining the claimant emperor.… https://t.co/3skELwDRgv"
an aerial view of a large pool surrounded by lawn chairs and buildings in the background
different view of Taj Mahal # India