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I Love Nerds Button from Inclusive Randomness. You Need Buttons. Pop Culture-Inspired pin backs. Black Woman-Owned and Created. Made in Houston, Texas Size: 1.25-inch circle
dirty mind & pure heart


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scene in the rain

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a drawing of people holding a heart with the words i notice that my feelings are bigger than most people
a collage of pictures with hearts and words written on them
a quote that says, apoloize to your body maybe that is where the healing begins
Humour, Nico Di Angelo, Humor, Mood
a quote on the side of a wall that says, when i was little i used to think the moon followed our car
When I was little, I thought the moon followed our car.
two cats are standing next to each other in front of a heart shaped sign that says i love you
some type of text on pink paper with words above it that read sunshine, and something funny can help restore hope
purrr 💅
a drawing of a heart with the words you are, there is love waiting to be felt
Positive vibes 💗
Inspirational Quotes, Small Changes, Cool Words, Some Words, Facts
the words do it or don't do it you'll reget both
a pink poster with cats and dogs on it that says, f k every one who hurt me
a hand holding a flower with the words espero sepas give hay much, vibra despue del delga written on it
Angel Idea
the words i hope you heal from things you don't talk about in blue
i hope
the words to do live in the moment are written on a white paper with black ink
Iryna Tatarchuk (irynatatarchuk)
a black and white drawing of a person's head with the words believe in your self befo
99 Inspirational Pinterest quotes turned into typography posters (Updated)
a bunch of pink sticks with the word love on them
I don't know
a collage of photos with a dog's face and the words rotts not diets on it
pinterest: alyssajoyduke <3
Feminist Art, Music, Art Deco, Artsy, Feminism Art
a quote that says it's a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing your whole
a black and white poster with the words staying silent in times of injustice is privilege
Words Quotes, Self Help
☆ dirtwormdream
a painting with writing on it that says see humans but no humanity
the words lol fock you all written in black ink on a white paper
lol fuck you all.
a drawing of a woman's face with the words she was fragile like a bomb not a flower
the words love is real and i have some for dessert written in pink ink on white paper
Love is real and I had some for dessert
the words nothing is missing look around you, give it form and don't
It Hurts, Sad, Chistes, Instagram Posts
a pink poster with the words enjoy your life and forget my name
a cd that has some stickers on it with the words stop creating our future with your past
@chickieboyy ୨୧
an open book with hearts floating out of it and the words, my can't make people love me
the words f k the patriachy on a pink background with hearts, stars and smiley faces
the words are written in pink ink on white paper
be the girl that you want to become.
a drawing of a mouse talking on a phone with the caption i want you to come to my house and dance with me
Shit Happens, Faults Quote, Grief
a book cover with the words kiss the boys and make them die
anna marie
Memes, Infp
tommy dietrich
Vintage Photos, Woman And Cat Meme, Old Photos, Feminist Quotes, Vintage Cat
feminist kitty slay
Shirts, Karma, Valentine's Day, Bad Thoughts