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It's not his fault that the people guiding him around took him to the wrong booth! But he looks so confused xD

When Sebastian ♡♥ Stan wandering into Tom Hiddleston's booth on accident and suddenly realized he was in the wrong booth.XD [wizard world comic con] seb honey.

One day blogging won't be enough... One day we'll be investigating a body and Sherlock Fandom will be the ones who put it there...

Right everybody calm down, Doctor Who has many seasons and half of them you can't watch on TV. At least you can watch yours Sherlock fandom.

Comment here with your favorite BBC Sherlock quote if you would like to be added to this board.

Comment here with your favorite BBC Sherlock quote!<<"I don't like not knowing" which is also a doctor who quote so yea its pretty much my life motto^-^