Terveys on elämän tarkoitus #health2050

Tämä on inspiraatiotaulu Terveys on elämän tarkoitus -skenaariolle. Lue lisää Demos Helsingin sivuilta Terveyden tulevaisuudet -hankkeesta.
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Health drives business ideas

Health is all around you.. And so the feeling grows?

Participatory health, for sure!!

This one I pinned for the image (the text is also interesting) - in this scenario health is truly something that keeps the national economy up and running!

In 1969 the communes hit the news - will they be refound in 2050? Maybe the're not for all thouhg, it's an invidiualistic, free choice -kind of world we're talking a about

In 2050 health will bring people together.. much like coffee and beer do today! (Maybe they'll have a little of those too??)

Pathways to health will be researched! How to prevent for example substance abuse and addiction?

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