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a group of people standing next to each other near a box filled with water bottles
Master Recycler Composter Program | Thurston County | Washington State University
Cold Frame made out of soda bottles -- I think I would prefer hay/straw bales as the side walls or put it on top of a raised bed.
a building made out of plastic bottles sitting in the middle of a field next to a tree
How to Build a DIY Greenhouse Using Plastic Bottles
an outdoor garden area with various plants and flowers
How to Build a DIY Greenhouse Using Plastic Bottles
a woman is holding a potted plant in front of water bottles and plastic containers
How to Build a DIY Greenhouse Using Plastic Bottles
there are many plants growing out of the holes in the fenced off garden area
Jam jar greenhouse interior
the cover of 25 everyday things you can upcycle in the garden
25 Everyday Things You Can Upcycle in the Garden
glass jars are stacked up on shelves in front of a building and the words glass jar greenhouse
Glass Jar Greenhouse - The garden!
Want to build a greenhouse in your backyard? If you have access to plenty of glass jars, you can use them for a very cheap building project!
a candle that is in a jar with some water and lemon slices on the table
Put These Bug-Repelling Mason Jars Outside and Mosquitoes Will Stay Far Away All Summer
All-natural Mason Jar Mosquito Repellant. Non-toxic, No DEET.
a woman in black shirt working on pipe with tools and equipment next to her truck
How to make a Worm Tower
Put a worm tower in your garden. Essentially a worm tower is an in-garden worm farm that allows the worms and their nutrients to interact directly with the surrounding garden bed. It consists of a vertical pipe, placed half-submerged in a garden bed, with holes drilled in
before and after shots of a kitchen window
33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You
33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks
a bar of soap sitting on top of a black counter next to a white object
How To: Protect Your Garden From Rabbits - Upcycle Magazine
Ivory soap cut into chunks and sprinkled around the garden will keep rabbits away.
how to make a mossy shower mat for your garden or patio - step by step instructions
How to Make a Moss Shower Mat |
A shower mat that feels good on your feet and lives off the excess water from your shower. Talk about recycling! #green #ecofriendly
a fake deer is on the side of a building
Amazing Moss Graffiti
Amazing Moss Graffiti
an instruction manual for the butterfly house, with instructions on how to build it and what to use them
Butterfly House Plans--I want one sooooo bad
a stone monument sitting in the middle of a forest filled with green plants and bushes
How to Build a Butterfly House: Easy DIY Butterfly House Plans
Making garden butterfly houses is an easy weekend project that requires just a few pieces of wood and some common hand tools. Make butterfly boxes...