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an advertisement for spam with a hamburger and cheeseburger in the middle, says spam recipes you won't believe you have to try these
SPAM Recipes That Will SHOCK YOU!!
stir fry ramen with spam noodles and vegetables on a white plate in front of the words stir fry ramen with spam noodles
Best Stir Fry Instant Ramen Noodles with Spam Recipe
Best Stir Fry Instant Ramen Noodles with Spam Recipe - YouTube
four dumplings with meat and vegetables on a white plate
Oriental Bites
It’s downright nutty—and downright delicious. The flavor of the Far East made easy using wonderful wonton cups filled with a mix of SPAM® spread, water chestnuts, and peanuts sauce. Chopsticks not included.
a white plate topped with meat and vegetables next to rice on top of a table
Polynesian Stir-Fry | SPAM® Recipes
The Polynesian islands are warm and inviting. This stirring stir-fry dish is warm and inviting as well; a sweet and sour taste experience featuring savory SPAM® Lite.
a white plate topped with rice and ham covered in peas, mushrooms and cheese on top
Colorful SPAM® Skillet | SPAM® Recipes
Make a dinner that’s full of color and flavor. Here’s a hearty, satisfying dish that simmers with savory flavor because it’s made with SPAM® Less Sodium.
two scones with ham and cheese on them sitting on a plate next to grapes
SPAMALICIOUS™ Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits | SPAM® Recipes
a white bowl filled with pasta and veggies on top of a white table
Garden Vegetable Turkey and Pasta Salad
Are you a herbivore or a carnivore? Do you like fresh carrots, broccoli florets and yellow bell peppers? Or delicious julienned oven roasted turkey? Hey, who says you have to choose? Try this salad and create a whole new category for yourself: The Yumnivore.
a white plate topped with pasta and ham
SPAM® Western Pasta Salad | SPAM® Recipes
This here Western pasta salad will make your spurs jingle, jangle, jingle. Because it delivers bite after bite of bold savory flavor thanks to SPAM® Classic and its trusty partner, barbecue sauce.
a white plate topped with a loaded baked potato on top of a white tablecloth
SPAM® Brand
We’re not really sure if yams are fruits or vegetables. All we know is that when you combine yams with SPAM® Lite, you get a dish that is not only yammy, it’s yummy.
a white bowl filled with beans and meat on top of a white countertop next to a spoon
Best-Ever Baked Beans | SPAM® Recipes
These baked beans have such a rich, molasses flavor, it’s no exaggeration to say they are the best-ever. In fact, we wanted to call them the Best Baked Beans In The Entire Solar System, but we thought that might be overstating things a bit.
a red bowl filled with soup on top of a yellow table cloth next to a wooden spoon
SPAM® Brand
Just for fun, we wanted to translate this recipe into Dutch but we don’t speak Dutch and we figured you probably don’t either. However, there have been reports that, after eating this, some people have yelled out “Dit is lekkere dingen” which in Dutch means “holy buckets, this is tasty.”
two lettuce cups filled with meat and veggies next to chopsticks
Mahalo Cups | SPAM® Recipes
Mahalo is Hawaiian for “thank you.” And you’ll definitely be thanking yourself for making these cups. You’ll say to yourself, “Self — thank you for the juicy pineapple; thank you for the crisp vegetables; and thank you for the glorious SPAM®!”
two burritos on a plate with salsa and ketchup
Enchilada Breakfast SPAM® Casserole | SPAM® Recipes
Its a new dawn of deliciousness. Awake to the taste of enchanting enchiladas made with spicy CHI-CHIS® Diced Green Chillies and SPAM® Classic.
several pastries sitting on top of a black pan covered in cheese and strawberry filling
Apple SPAM® Turnover | SPAM® Recipes