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a wooden plate with a painting of a house and trees on the outside, in front of a white wall
Cedar decorative plate, 'Volcano View'
Part of the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean volcanoes are a part of life in Costa Rica. Jorge Leiton shares this depicting a country landscape featuring a farmhouse at night and an erupting volcano in the background. He creates this decorative plate by cutting the initial circle of cedar wood and shaping it and painting the charming landscape. A coat of resin protects the images and a brass hook facilitates wall display.
an oil painting of people walking down the street in front of colorful buildings and cars
Valparaíso Orietta Barrera Z.
a painting of a city at night with lots of buildings and people on the street
Puerto Valparaíso Orietta Barrera Z
an oil painting of people walking in front of a cityscape with mountains in the background
'Favela da Cachoeira'
Arnaldo de Moraes captures an everyday scene of residents from a Rio de Janeiro favela going on about their daily lives. Teens flirt men make deliveries and women hang laundry in the colorful Favela da Cachoeira with the city's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in the background. Titled Favela de Cachoeira in Portuguese. Arnaldo is a native of Rio de Janeiro and the city remains one of his biggest inspirations. His work has been profiled in Guia de Artes Plasticas Brasil and is regularly exhibit
a painting of people walking in front of colorful buildings
three pieces of art painted on top of each other
Ana Pinho
Ana pinho artista naif
Ana pinho artista naif
a painting of the eiffel tower in paris with trees and flowers around it
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two paintings on the side of a building with people and houses painted on each wall
Ana pinho
a painting of colorful houses with kites in the sky
Ana pinho artista naif