Design By JF

Design By JF

Finland / Interior designer and blogger from Finland. I love Scandinavian modern architect and warm Moroccon style.
Design By JF
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Stencils from The Stencil Library. Over 3500 stencil designs

Melanie Royals stenciled stair risers at the Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech with a simply color palette and classic henna patterns unique for each stair.

Backsplash. Marianne C14-24-30 - moroccan cement tile

Mosaic House is a New York tile company specializing in Moroccan mosaic, cement, bathroom, floor and kitchen tile. Mosaic House carries a range of tiles for home and business.

Moroccan Encaustic Cement Pattern 03e | £2.55 | Moroccan Encaustic Cement…

Moroccan Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles have been used throughout the Islamic world for thousands of years, and in Morocco the range is particularly varied. Each tile is traditionally handcrafted by artisans using local materials.