Siddhartha Children and Women's Hospital – Butwal, Nepal. Tadao Ando volunteered to design the hospital, for the good cause.

Siddhartha Children and Women’s Hospital, Butwal, Nepal, by Tadao Ando. After completion of the construction works, Siddhartha Children and Women’s Hospital in Butwal (Town in Western Nepal) started.

Butaro Hospital by MASS Design Group. Image © Iwan Baan.

How to Balance Local Traditions and New Solutions in Public-Interest Design

Hospital by Lyons and Conrad Gargett features  a vibrant facade and a tree-inspired layout

Children's hospital has vibrant facade and tree-inspired layout

Gables and courtyards help children's hospital building by Keppie appear more welcoming

Gables and courtyards feature at hospital car centre by Keppie

Le Corbusier Hospital Venecia 1965

Le Corbusier Hospital Venecia 1965

Photoluminescent stripes allow Ibiza's Can Misses Hospital to glow by night

Photoluminescent stripes cover Ibiza's Can Misses Hospital

Luis Vidal + Architects has extra stripes of photo-luminescent paint to the facades of Ibiza's only public hospital, so it faintly glows after dark . Can Misses Hospital was refurbished and extended by Madrid-primarily