A birch forest in Finland.

silver birch A birch forest in Finland. Remingtons cabin had these wooden walk ways all around the cabin. Mr Grubich and Elerins built their cabins there now.

Sauna on fire? Nope, just a smoke sauna.

In Finland saunas are a way of life. In a country of roughly 5 million people you will find million saunas.

Just ask the kids though, all's well until Mom and Dad go into Avatar mode.

Ninni on

I'm not Finnish but Finland has thought me to be calm :-

Suomalainen Sisu.

Yes, "sisu" is a Finnish word and something very Finnish indeed. It has helped our nation during difficult times and it helps every Finn.

Check out this list of 20 TRADITIONAL FOOD OF FINLAND and let me know which one you'd love to try if you visit this beautiful country – or pin this to read later!

20 Different Traditional Finnish Food You Must Try in Finland

Planning to visit the great up north of Europe? Then come to Finland and try these 20 different traditional Finnish food that will tickle your tastebuds!

Finnish is easy ;-)

Finnish lesson this is true, "kuusi palaa"" can mean all of those things ?

finnish people

Finnish problems the only people who find these funny are finnish - FinnishProblems



Finnish nightmares, small talk Uncomfortable social situations, uncomfortable everything.

A fresh, funny and quirky cartoon called Finnish Nightmares was published in mid-October for the first time.

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