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an art work with circles on white paper
Bridget Riley
two people are walking down an empty hallway with orange and white designs on the walls
Trendlet: Trippy Trompe l'Oeil Objects and Installations - Core77
Last month, the Swiss artist Felice Varini adorned the exterior of the Grand Palais in Paris with a work made from a very specific point of view. From the street, the vibrant orange stretched triangles look haphazardly splashed against the building. But observe them from the hall, and the applied scraps of color align, creating something that looks more like a projection than a perfectly planned effect.
a black and white polka dot candle holder
Portfolio — Campbell Hegan
a woman wearing white pants and a black top with polka dots on it is posing for the camera
FAITHFULL THE BRAND Montenegro Top | Shopbop
FAITHFULL THE BRAND Montenegro Top | Shopbop
an image of a sideboard with colorful circles on the front and back cover in black, yellow, red, green, blue
Vinyl Credenza Sharon Turner
Sharon Turner vinyl Credenza | DENY Designs Home Accessories
an art installation with black and white striped walls, colorful balloons floating in the air
Color Factory New York: Immersive Art Experience for All Ages
a black and white striped pillow sitting on top of a brown floor next to a lamp
Dog And Cat Decor Accessories That Will Make Your Home Cuter (Beds, Gates, Scratchers, And MORE) - Emily Henderson
Dog And Cat Decor Accessories That Will Make Your Home Cuter (Beds, Gates, Scratchers, And MORE) - Emily Henderson
a multicolored chandelier hanging from a ceiling in the shape of balls
Bubbles Lighting Ceiling Pendant Light With Multicolored - Etsy UK
Ceiling Light with multicolored bubbles, A bouquet of bubbles at rainbow color . The light goes through these resin bubbles and creates a stunning and delicate shade on the wall. The Ceiling chandelier is elegant , unique and will be a piece of jewelry in your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen island or even bathroom. the Winding wire give very elegant look. You can combine 2-4 lamps together on a strip or a square from the ceiling, It can go beautifully over a dining room table or...
there is a multicolored glass vase on the white table with three different colored sticks sticking out of it
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