Jonna Nuorlahti

Jonna Nuorlahti

Finland, Viitasaari/Äänekoski
Jonna Nuorlahti
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I like the Phoenix face

I fucking absolutely love this phoenix and dragon - phoenix represents beauty, good luck & female energy. They symbolize the union of opposites.

Might already have this pinned but i love the daintiness of it!! Dont like big massive earrings...

"what not to do, piercings should be limited to one small stud in each ear. I think there should be 5 in each ear. I will not stop until I have my forward helix and additional cartilage piercings done.

Awesome ♡

ok i admit its cool but not "so cool" bc its just colors<<this made me extremly happy but I dont know why. The colors just blended and it was so beautiful.

beautiful quote

"Feed Your Faith and Your Fears Will Starve to Death." I want this, in the same place probably. But mine will say "Feed your dreams and Starve your fears"

My sister just got her dermals from Bombs Away Tattoo in Jacksonville, NC. Love it!!!

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