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This is me sometimes ... I don't mean for it to happen but it does

If you ignore me once (just one time), I will automatically assume I annoy you and instantly force myself into "don't speak unless spoken to" mode.

For #7, I figured this out in kindergarten- the first time I watched Labyrinth. If she'd just touched the wall and walked for awhile, she'd have found the entrance, and then that silly worm wouldn't have told her to go the wrong way, because he wouldn't have had to tell her anything to begin with.

Life Hacks secret ways to manipulate your peers and fit into society. geeks need this. Number must remember that! I wonder if number 7 works for shopping malls as well?

I Would Likely Do This - The best funny pictures

Life Hacks

You can cure a paper cut with chopsticks, but we're not going to tell you how. (I wonder if it's because what you're supposed to do is stab yourself with the chopstick so that you no longer notice the pain from the paper cut.

Make a story with all of these words in it

12 Things I Bet You Didn't Know The Actual Name Of. Apparently I have chronic dysania.<<I bet your didn't know that this was called a glabella! *the entire phandom laughs*

Thank You Allah for everything. "And you would not be able to count the blessings of your Lord" as it says in the Quran...i forgot the reference. There aren't enough numbers to count the blessings.

What If The World / Earth Lost Oxygen For 5 Second? - Ever wondered what would happen If The World / Earth lost oxygen for 5 second? So, let me show what could happen without oxygen: