Christening decoration

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Mesas, Girl
Christening baby girl
there is a pink and purple balloon arch on the floor
Christening decor
a room with balloons and teddy bears on the floor next to a sign that says causan
pink and gold balloon arch with teddy bears in front of it at a baby's first birthday party
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Christening decor
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Christening decor
there is a vase with purple flowers in it on the dining room table set for two
Paper flower table decoration • purple decor
a room decorated with white flowers and red drapes for the monogrammed backdrop
White and red decor • white flower • photo corner
a balloon is on top of a table with wine glasses and napkins in front of it
Balloons table decor blue flower
a balloon sitting on top of a table
Pink balloons table decor
there is a white bench with balloons and flowers on it
Pink paper flower christening decoration photo corner
there is a white bench with balloons and flowers on it
a room decorated for a baby's first birthday with balloons and flowers on the wall
Blue paper flower christening decor photo corner