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a man dressed in medieval clothing holding a jug and a stick with a spear on it
La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 873
Auxillium Palatinum, fourth century AD
an image of a man with a shield and two horses
Gothic Warriors of the fifth century AD.
a painting of a man in armor holding a spear and wearing roman gladia gear
Roman horseman dressed in a sports suit of armor, middle of the 3rd century AD
a painting of a man riding on the back of a horse
"Hun horse archer, fifth century", Zvonimir Grbasic
three roman soldiers with shields and spears
"Etruscan warriors, V century BC", Dmitry Alexinski (Дмитрий Алексинский)
three men in roman costumes with spears and shields
Macedonian hoplites
two men in roman armor holding swords and standing next to another man with a horse
"• Legionary infantryman, c. 100-150 AD • Legionary Centurion, c. 100-200 AD • Hamian archer, c. 100-200 AD", Ronald Embleton
a painting of a man in traditional clothing holding up a green coat and red shoes
"Roman military officer, Egypt, c. 550-600 AD", Graham Sumner
Celtic Chieftain and Warrior c. 50 BC. Ancient Armor, Celtic Warriors, Ancient Antiquity, Celtic Culture, Gaul Warrior, Ancient Celts
La Guerre des Gaules
Celtic Chieftain and Warrior c. 50 BC.
an african man sitting on a chair holding a spear
[WB][S] Fires of War, A Greco-Persian War mod, old thread, kept for history
Persian Immortal, c. 490 BC.
an illustration of two men dressed as gladia and one is holding a shield with both hands
Gladiators - threax vs. murmullo
an illustration of a man in armor with two swords and some other items around him
The Myrmillo type of gladiator ~ art by Angus McBride
two men dressed in roman armor and holding swords
“Thracian and Secutor” Angus McBride
a drawing of a roman soldier with two spears in his hand and a shield on his shoulder
Roman legionary, c. AD 50-110 - he carries a furca that holds his supplies and equipment.
three men in roman costumes standing next to each other with spears and shields on their heads
"Warriors Italic tribes, VIII-VI century BC"