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join the free new moon healing meditation | reconnect with your heart + realign with your purpose + release stress and self-judgment + set powerful intentions for the upcoming month | harness the power of the new moon for self-healing, self-love, clarity
Moon phases...how I love the moon

Phases of the Moon

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The Moon reaches the first quarter seven days after the New Moon. Take actions and steps toward your intention as the moon continues to grow. Click through to shop moon bracelets.  #firstquarter #quartermoon #moonphases #overcomechallenges #makedecisions #takeaction #takeactiontoday #takeactionrightnow #moonmagic #firstquartermoon

Moon: Waxing

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Full Moon

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Sydi's Choices  With love: ✨ Nouvelle Lune du 1er Octobre 2016 & Lune noire 3...

New Moon

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Moon: Waning

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The Blood Moon Eclipse: An Astrology Guide |  Learn the meaning of the eclipse and how best to navigate the energy with grounding affirmations.  Babe Magic | Beauty Wellness Magic

Other Moons

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Welcome the Full Wolf Moon on January 24, 2016 at 01:46 UTC. This is a good time to let out the suppressed energy you have been feeling because of Mercury Retrograde. So go ahead and Howl at the mo...
January Birthstone Garnet


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February Birth Flower
Book of Shadows Moon:  "February: Rowan Moon," by Angie Latham. It makes a lovely Moon page for a Book of Shadows.


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MARCH CROW MOON Winter retreating, bringing of springtime. Also known as the Worm Moon
The Moon - March Plow Moon


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Moon: Celtic #Moon Months: Willow Moon.


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June Full Moon


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The Moon - August Grain Moon
August Birthstone Peridot


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This year's September Full Moon is called the "harvest moon"


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Happy Birthday to all our friends celebrating an October Birthday! October babies have the pleasure of enjoying two birthstones to commemorate their birthdays – tourmalines and opals. While the Greek word for Opal means "changing colors" the beautiful Tourmaline gemstone comes in a variety of colors. Happy Birthday!
October 2018 Full Moon is the Blood Moon


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@createexpress Shop. 111 Eucalyptus Drive. El Segundo, CA.  //  NOVEMBER BIRTHSTONES: Citrine and (Blue) Topaz! #Scorpio #Sagittarius


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December Correspondences – Fairerose's Witchy Garden


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Magic Hours of the Day | Spells | Energy | Law of Attraction | Magick | Intention | Invocation | Occult | Esoteric Knowledge | Time Chart | Planetary Hours | Book of Shadows Page | Witchcraft | Wicca | Pagan
★Witchy Activities for Fall ★

Seasons & Hours

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Magick isn't about gaining power... It's about learning how to utilize the power you already have inside you. You were born with it! #reiki #healing #heal #mantra #magick #magickal #witchcraft #wicca #wicccan #tarot #deck #crystals #magic #quotes #inspirational #pagan #awentree
Happy Moonday - Moon Associations  Witchcraft.....For beginners who are unsure to adepts who want to know more! For our Path of Witchcraft Academy Courses go here:  http://thepathofwitchcraft.weebly.com For our sister site for all your Witchy needs it's here:  http://www.thewitchesbazaar.com For our amazing, nurturing Facebook Group it’s here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1966044830276218/ #Witchcraft #Courses #Online #Foundation #Beginner #Planets #Correspondences #Magick #Moon
Monday Magick


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Wednesday Magick
Wednesday Correspondences


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Thursday's Candle Colour Correspondences


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Friday Correspondences.


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Magick Spells:  Saturday #Correspondences.


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