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real pics of what happened when i joined the Hetalia fandom.

So now at least i can say "Fuck you!" to you, Honey

So now at least i can say "Fuck you!" to you, Honey

yeah. to make quality art, sometimes you have to suffer a bit. i know from experience.

My favourite shorts are the Mabel's Guide ones lol

My friend said that HER friend said that... Get ready... SPONGEBOB was almost as annoying as GRAVITY FALLS! SHE SHOULD BE BANISHED FROM THIS PLANET!

When someone says they hate gravity falls theyre as dead as those zombies

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Like if your a fan of Inspirational Motivating Quotes

I laughed so hard when she did this. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Dipper is my favorite twin, though!

Tell me I'm not the only one who read this in both Gideon and Grunkle Stan's voices

I'm sure you're the cat, Gideon. But if it was rat you were going to say you were Wrong.

Gravity Falls

Never change Grunkle Stan. Though because it's Pacifica You can kick her ass!<--after the mansion episode can you really say that?

Ha. Mabel. Did u know that one of the codes at the end of this episode says watch for the invisible wizard? I'm not sure that's the exact wording, but it said something like that.

Notice the flannel shirt *cough* alex *cough*