Kastehelmi made by iittala

Candlelights, the old Finnish glass serie The Dew Drop (Kastehelmi) that has been in many Finnish homes for years and lived a quite anonymous life 'til today when has a huge revival. Made by iittala

Iittala Kastehelmi votive.

wonderful moodsetter for a dinner party.the twisted candlestick holder could be elegant or more casual, depending on how table is set

Koti 3:lle, candle light #Iittala Kastehelmi

candle light Iittala kastehelmi tea lights in Grey & Sand, sultry & sexy shades for an ambient atmosphere.

Iittala products

Ego cups on Iittala Kastehelmi plate with carafe in these timeless designs.

Iittala Teema and Kastehelmi

Kastehelmi CAKE STAND - plate made of glass by Iittala with thousands of bubbles on the surface


Kastehelmi a beautiful dewdrop design seen her in the small bowl and stunning cake stand.

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