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The best free crochet patterns on the web! Includes crochet sweaters, hats, scarves, cardigans, accessories and much more - Crochet for free!
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Beautiful crochet wrap pattern made with variegated yarn.
The lotus pool crochet shawl pattern is a simple relaxing shawl pattern to crochet using assigned pooling yarn (variegated yarn with two colours).
It’s an easy crochet project perfect to pick up and put down as time allows.
Pattern free to read on dora does blog / PDF crochet pattern can also be purchased
Unique crochet wrap pattern (variegated yarn so extra ends)
Beautiful crochet wrap pattern made with variegated yarn. The lotus pool crochet shawl pattern is a simple relaxing shawl pattern to crochet using assigned pooling yarn (variegated yarn with two colours). It’s an easy crochet project perfect to pick up and put down as time allows. Pattern free to read on dora does blog / PDF crochet pattern can also be purchased
a woman holding a knitted object in front of her face and the words doa does
Dora Does: Designer Showcase on Moogly
Dora Does: Designer Showcase - moogly
two crochet scrunchies are shown on a white background with the text free crochet scrunchie pattern
Easy free crochet scrunchie pattern: crochet a scrunchie from leftover scrap yarn
Easy crochet scrunchie pattern for beginners. Stashbusting crochet scrunchie pattern can be made with almost any yarn! Witu this simple crochet hair scrunchie pattern, you’ll never waste any leftover yarn again!
a woman standing in front of a white wall wearing a blue and red crocheted shawl
The Heart Lines Cocoon Shrug - Free Crochet Pattern - Dora Does
Easy crochet shrug pattern. Free crochet pattern for cocoon style cardigan made with simple crochet stitches. Oversized crochet cocoon cardigan. Free crochet pattern. Crochet Cardigan. Double knit yarn simple beginner crochet stitches. Picture tutorial from dora does.
a woman wearing a blue and white knitted sweater with the text free crochet poncho pattern
Easy corner to corner poncho pattern: Free crochet pattern c2c poncho
This easy crochet poncho pattern is made corner to corner using the classic c2c crochet stitch sometimes called crazy stitch or crochet block stitch. The crochet pattern uses ombre yarn and instructions to adjust the size to your needs. Includes step by step photo tutorial for corner to corner crochet and neck shaping. Free crochet poncho pattern. Easy crochet poncho. free crochet patter. corner to corner crochet c2c poncho. Crochet aesthetic. Ombre yarn. Free crochet pattern from dora does.
a crochet blanket with the word mama written on it in cursive font
I Made This Blanket: DIY Free Crochet Blanket (with Tutorial) - Dora Does
Free crochet blanket pattern from dora does. This fun crochet blanket pattern uses crochet bobble stitches to write the phrase ‘i made this’. DIY crochet pattern for a useful homeware blanket. Crochet pattern uses simple crochet stitches with video tutorial and chart for the lettering.
crochet scrunchie with scissors and yarn
Easy crochet scrunchie tutorial: Free crochet pattern for stashbusting scrunchie
Easy crochet scrunchie tutorial. Free crochet pattern for beginner hair scrunchie - great for using up leftover yarn. Includes step by step photo tutorial. Simple crochet scunchie pattern uses basic stitches and a hair bobble to create a fun hair acessory.
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Crochet vest top pattern: Free crochet pattern for summer camisole top with cotton
Free crochet pattern for the 'playtime top' which is a summer crochet top in the camisole vest style with tie straps. This makes it easyt to adjust to fit. Crochet vest made from aran weight cotton yarn in contrast colours. Free crochet pattern available in a range of women's sizes. Beginner friendly, sleeveless summer crochet top pattern from dora does. Start here with your diy crochet clothes projects!
a woman wearing a crochet top with the words crochet along easy top
Made to measure crochet summer top pattern: Free crochet along for sampler summer top
In this free crochet pattern, delivered as a watch / read on demand crochet along, you'll learn how to crochet a fun easy summer crochet vest top that's made to measure. The crochet pattern is a stitch sampler so you will learn some unique crochet stitches whilst you're at it too! 'Maslow's Rainbow' crochet pattern is a quick and easy crochet summer top pattern in a range of crochet stitches.
the crochet is being worked on by someone
How to crochet braided cable stitches - Celtic braid tutorial
Learn how to crochet braided crochet cables with this step by step free video and photo tutorial. Crochet cables cn be used for a variety of unique textured crochet stitches and are not just for advanced crocheters! The easy tutorial shows you the simple way to crochet beautiful crochet cable stitches. Use them for a braided cable or Celtic weave crochet stitch. Crochet cables pattern. Crochet textured stitch patterns. Front post crochet stitches. #crochetstitch #freecrochet #crochettutorial
the messy bun crochet hat pattern is easy to knit
Free crochet hat pattern: Crochet pattern for messy bun hat with hole in the top for your hair!
Free crochet pattern for a textured messy bun hat pattern. A crochet messy bun hat is a fitted crochet beanie hat which has a hole in the top to pull your hair through - whether in a bun (messy or tidy!) or a ponytail. This is a simple top down crochet hat pattern worked with a cozy textured crochet stitch pattern. It's a quick and easy crochet pattern to make and the pattern is free to read on the dora does blog.
a woman wearing a knitted hat holding a coffee cup
Free ribbed crochet hat pattern: Beehive crochet beanie pattern
This free crochet beanie hat pattern creates a unique slouchy crochet hat using simple crochet stitches. The hat is crocheted from the top down in turned round using a basic crochet rib stitch pattern to create a beehive shaped crochet hat. The diy crochet hat is a beginner friendly crochet pattern which is quick and easy to make with bulky chunky yarn. Easy crochet hat for men or women in adult size. Free crochet hat pattern. Crochet hat pattern from dora does.
the crochet scarf pattern is shown with instructions for how to knit it and how to
Free Crochet Pattern: Wrap around crochet snood / crochet infinity scarf pattern
Easy Free crochet infinity scarf pattern. Beginners Free crochet snood pattern you can wrap double. Crochet looped scarf pattern. This pretty, chunky crochet infinity scarf is quick to crochet. The crochet pattern takes about 90 minutes to crochet using simple stitches and satisfying crochet techniques. Great idea for crochet gift. Click to read free crochet pattern.
the crochet scarf pattern is shown in two different colors
Mens crochet scarf pattern: Free textured crochet scarf pattern
This free crochet scarf pattern is a makes a great gift idea for men. The crochet scarf is made from a simple crochet stitch combination using worsted / aran weigh yarn. It is easy to change the size of this scarf to suit and work in any colour you desire. A classy modern textured crochet scarf pattern for men.