168 Pins
a close up of a person with a cat's nose
a stuffed animal sitting next to a stack of pancakes on top of a wooden table
a building covered in green plants next to a lush green mountain side with lots of trees
No soy bióloga y quiero una casa así
a man sitting in a chair next to a green lamp with the caption that reads, cando tenes muchos stickers, peo no tienes a quien mandas
Friends, Perros, Lol, Cats, Animales, Bel
an image of a duck in a grocery cart with snacks on the side and text reading, este lo echaron crudo
an image of a restaurant called aloz fitto on the side of the street
an older man is looking at a small plant in the ground with his hand on his chin
a train track with the words yo, contrado una historiana
an image of spongebob holding a banana with caption in spanish and english
an orange and white cat standing on its hind legs
a man pushing a shopping cart in a store with the caption'no cro que que ha alguin que vaya walmartt noms a desestresaisse yo?