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an open planner book sitting on top of a table
“#planwithmechallenge Day 15: Focusing I'm trying out a new weekly spread in my #bulletjournal this week. This won't be replacing my dailies but rather a…”
an open book with numbers and times on the pages, sitting on top of a white sheet
Start A Fire
Here are some examples of weekly spread ideas for your bullet journal, by me and other talented fellow bullet journalists, so that you get inspired - www.christina77star.co.uk
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10 modèles de pages mensuelles - Journaling Addict
bullet journal page mensuelle pages mensuelles monthly layout spread
an open planner book sitting on top of a desk
It's no secret how much we love the versatility of the bullet journal. If something doesn't work, change it. It's the customization to our busy life. That's what I had to face when I started my April's monthly spread. When I looked at my Calendex and Future Planning (yes, I use both), I realized that I wouldn't be able to fit everything into my usual monthly spread. Therefore, I had to create a new one last night. I decided to combine key elements of Calendex, Future Planning, traditional ...
an open planner book with the word january on it
New Year = New Bullet Journal! | Boho Berry
Bullet Journal - Monthly Spread >> Columns--All Day (birthdays, holidays, vacations, etc.), AM, PM
someone is holding a planner in their hand and it has the pages lined up with numbers
10 Monthly Layouts to Simplify Your Life | Page Flutter
The Crop Top Some people like a highly-structured layout where everything has its place. Others like a lot of free space for tasks and notes. The “Crop Top” suits both types of people. The top half of this spread neatly organizes scheduled events. The bottom half can be customized to the user or left blank (for all you plan-by-the-seat-of-your-panters). Advantages: Allows space for goals, notes, tasks, etc. Simple, at-a-glance scheduling Appointments visible even while writing on bottom ha
a hand holding a pen next to a calendar on top of a wooden table with writing
10 Monthly Layouts to Simplify Your Life | Page Flutter
Vertical Twist #monthlyspread
an open notebook with doodles on it and the words favorite frames written in black ink
Sweet PlanIt
I keep a frames doodle section in the front of my bullet journal for easy reference. Does anyone else do this?
a notepad and pen sitting on top of a table
Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas — Square Lime Designs
Showing various ways you can track goals and habits with your bullet journal - christina77star.c...
an open planner book sitting on top of a table
an open notebook with some writing on it
Journey Blog on Tumblr
time-to-get-focused: ✨TA DA! My Banner Page is complete!✨ So stoked that I finally set this collection up! I see so many cool banners on tumblr so I figured setting up reference page like this made sense so I can keep them in mind in the future :) By: time-to-get-focus...;
an open notebook with a calendar on it
My new Bullet Journal future log with Focus box! My previous future log was messy and unhelpful, so I started anew with a different layout and loving it so far!
a notebook with some writing on it and the words'future planning'written in different colors
Show Me Your Planner (Planning and Journal Inspiration
Bullet Journal Future planning ideas: Alastair Method, Calendex, Alastair Method from Show Me Your Planner
a notebook with some writing on it and a pen next to the paper that says future log
Future Planning in the Bullet Journal | Boho Berry
5 different ways to handle future planning in your Bullet Journal (This is the Alastair method)
an open planner sitting on top of a table
Future Log for your Bullet Journal — Square Lime Designs
Showing you a new method for future planning with your bullet journal - www.christina77star.co.uk