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there are many records on the wall with butterflies flying around them and in front of it is a stack of vinyl records
A project… or two.
Vinyl Butterflies--love this idea for a store window display or store accent wall for spring!
the front door of a restaurant with chalk writing all over it's glass windows
Loving the White Paint in the windows - Lotta Jansdotter's Work+Shop, Pot & Pantry
there are many blue and white umbrellas in the window
Tiffany, London
This window display conveys balance and harmony by means of repetition and consistancy (principle of design)
some pink sticky notes hanging from a string on a black wall with other items in the background
Post it heart window display. Could post it an 8 bit bright retro design for a gamer/graphic novel window.
a display case with grass and bees in it
Realistic Honeybees created for Mikimoto Pearls Manhattan and Beverly Hills window displays
Mikimoto Pearls, Manhattan NY - Spring 2009 via Graham Owen Gallery
the window is covered with white balls and snowflakes
threading cotton balls on fishing line to look like snow -
two mannequins dressed in black and white with yellow umbrellas
a room filled with lots of books hanging from the ceiling
paper art at anthropologie
anthropologie altered books
an open sign on the glass door of a store front window that says, we are open it's really warm inside
Well, that's one way to get chilly shoppers in your store. :-)
many circular objects hanging from the ceiling in front of a glass window with metal bars
cupcake baking cup garland
cupcake liners, baking cups garland
some paper hearts are hanging on a clothes line
valentine's day window. Could do cut outs in leaves?
two people standing in front of a store window
Woo Agentur - Tyra von Zweigbergks portfolio - illustration
several different types of ties on display in a store window with the words miss furnishingss on it
modelizing.us -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspmodelizing Resources and Information.
Shelving. Actually this is labeled as shelving but I believe it's a store display. Otherwise it's just the cheapest and least practical way to store your clothes. Unless you are a beaver and all those shirts get worn at the same time so you can wedge them back in together.
many white and pink umbrellas hanging from the ceiling
Clinton Friedman Parasol Window Displays
Event decorations inspiration: wall of parasols. Store window display for West Elm