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a collage of photos with green and brown tones in the background, including two women standing next to each other
Syahi- Ethnic wear
an architectural drawing shows people walking, sitting and standing in the sand near a tower
an article about architecture and its surroundings
Site Theatre _ Winners! — ARKxSITE
black and white photograph of an architectural project
an architectural presentation board with images and text on the front, side, and back
Site Cloister _ Winners! — ARKxSITE
an architectural design book with drawings and diagrams on the pages, along with information about the project
Site Theatre _ Winners! — ARKxSITE
Site Theatre _ Winners! — ARKxSITE
an architectural drawing shows the various sections of a building and its surrounding area, with people walking around
Site Visitor Center _ Winners! — ARKxSITE
an architectural drawing shows the interior and exterior of a building with trees, water, and other
102_09 - Architecture Competition Results
Results of the Competition Rebirth of the Bath House