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a comic strip with people and animals in it
images séquentielles de "quel radis dis donc" - dis bonjour au soleil
Images séquentielles diverses pour travailler les différentes parties d'une histoire et le temps.
four different pictures of a boy playing with a frisbee in the park and walking
Album Archive
a poster with the words in different languages
Tarinan kehittelemisen apukysymyksiä.
a drawing of a woman with many words in her head and some clouds above her
Kirjoittajan ainesosat.
an open book with the names of different languages and numbers written in english on it
Aineen aiheita. Kevätkauteen aiheita vuodelta 1966 (Saukkonen, Tuure Näin me kirjoitamme).
an image of a list with the names of different people in each country on it
a drawing of a house with the words taraina talo written on it
a black and white drawing of the names of people in different languages on a piece of paper
a poster with hearts on it and the words hello kitty written in different languages,
an old poster with people and words written in different languages, including the word's names
Erilaisia hahmoja kirjoittamisen / kertomisen inspikseksi.
an image of a light bulb with the words taranna element on it and a question mark
Tarinan kirjoittaminen 1: tarinan elementit.
a hand drawn poster with the words happy hanma on it and stars in the middle
Tarinan kirjoittaminen 2: tarinan päähahmo.
the worksheet for writing in spanish
Anniinan OpenIdeat
Open ideat: äidinkieli