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Your legal warnings have failed me for the last time.

If you're a Star Wars fan you'll get it.IF you're a star wars fan? I mean, the only people who haven't seen it are the people IN Star Wars, cause they lived them, they lived THE Star Wars

Excuse you.

How about, killing a character shows strong writing skills? Sometimes it's hard to kill off a character. (ALLEGIANT SPOILERS *If You Read It*: They left out Veronica Roth!

Cant trust anyone these days#funny #lol #lolzonline

Cant trust anyone these days#funny #lol #lolzonline

Responsible adult

Sure it's fun but still pretty offensive to any Octopus Customers that might have been nearby. View "This is How Responsible Adults Spend Their Time at Home Depot" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor