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an open book with the title over the sirens written in pink and blue on it
The 7 most inspiring book cover trends of 2023
http://www.johnnydombrowski.com/ Films, Art Deco, Thriller, Movie Poster Art, Movie Posters Design, Film Poster Design, Murder Mystery, Book Posters, Fantastic Art
Johnny Dombrowski
a book cover with an image of a mountain and the words out here on it
bookjacket Out Here
an old typewriter with blood running down it's side and the words shining on top
Illustrator | Natalie Smillie
a movie poster for catcher in the rye with a person walking down a narrow road
Great Book Cover Project #2
a book cover for a little too bright with an image of a train on the tracks
The Official List of Harper’s Summer 2018 YA Cover Reveals
The Official List of Harper’s Summer 2018 YA Cover Reveals
the bell jar by sylia plathh is shown in this children's book
The Bell Jar
The Bell Jar | Art by Sara Bicknell
a car driving across a bridge at night with the word glith above it
a man with long hair and eyes is staring at the camera
Over the garden wall by imamong on DeviantArt
a man standing in the middle of a forest with trees and leaves on it poster
The Last of Us Poster Series
The Last of Us Poster Series: Endure by Brandon Meier #lastofus #gamer #geek #ps3
an advertisement for brave featuring a woman holding a bear's head in her hand
a movie poster for the film wolf with an image of a man walking down a street
'I'd love To See Invention Seeping Into Comics' - Tom Muller On Designing For Wolf, Material, Zero, Valiant, And Vertigo
an overhead view of a boat in the water with two oars sticking out of it
cover book// Moby Dick, Herman Melville
the poster for insane asylum shows a man with blood dripping from his body