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Eeva Leppänen
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Recycled Vintage Book Pages Butterflies

Although we love reading and know that books are for treasuring, there are also some amazing things you can create with those vintage tomes to be found in every thrift store across the land. Here’s some of our favourite ideas!



Nächstes Teil ausm Werkunterricht Herzen aus Papierdraht und mit Seiten aus alten Büchern "gefüllt" ❤

To catch what is going on about werkunterricht list all media items tagged with


Absolutely love this idea! Who wouldn't love to have a sweet keepsake pillow with a pocket to hold treasures? Made extra special when made with a vintage lace!

Besondere Geschenke zu Weihnachten selber machen   - Wohnidee

Nice gift idea for a bookworm: personalized bookmarks!

How To Involve Teenagers In Art Projects? - Bored Art

Recycling CDs with Creative Designs Mandala art project.

Una hermosa Idea para decorar la casa

Recycled CDs - Possible Make & Take SRP prize? Have teen volunteers paint (Monticello volunteer time project? Give painted CD with skewer in ziplock bag as prize.

Craft Project Ideas: 5 DIY Terrariums That Bring Beauty

DIY Terraniums helping to bring some green into your home.

電球を使ったDIYアイデアとして、いくつかの参考になる電球アートを紹介します。 いくつかのサイトでは作り方も載…

電球を使ったDIYアイデアとして、いくつかの参考になる電球アートを紹介します。 いくつかのサイトでは作り方も載…

思わず2度見!?【おもしろ雑貨、便利グッズ集】1800品以上!不定期更新☆ - NAVER まとめ

ministryofpeculiaroccurrences: “steampunktendencies: “ Baroque Hot Air Baloon Light Bulbs ” Another beautiful steampunk way to.