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a woman's feet wearing blue jeans with pink buttons
ennan: Tossukoita
the paper is cut out to look like an arch
a quilt made with blue jeans and white laces on the bottom half of it
Quilted pouch and bag + Cathedral window quilt bag
Platform, Techno, Bags, Bir, Sanat, Straw Bag
an altered collage of cats and dogs in black, white, gold and brown
a quilt hanging up on the wall next to a candle and some pictures in front of it
New York State of Mind Quilt
a piece of cloth with many different patterns on it and one patchwork design in the middle
TUTO 33 - Relooking vêtement - le sashiko - Arts cool
someone is holding up a piece of quilt
Хороший день, хорошее настроение, хорошая погода! Я думаю, многие уже знают, что сегодня открытие самой лучшей, самой большой выставки года…