A hand with a heart.  Kinderen leggen hun hand op klei en tekenen dit over met een penseel ze laten dit drogen en shilderen dit dan in.

Good for protective behaviours exercise wit kids.A hand with a heart (translate) Lemay Lemay De Groof. This would make a great candy dish for grandparents (with the kids' hand prints) if you mod-podged it.

Trace the shadow of your sculpture - foil figure

Trace the shadow of your sculpture - foil figure or another object with a clearly identifiable shape. Ask, "If I hold the light here, will the shadow move?" Explore how the shadow elongates and shortens as the light is moved.

Forêt avec troncs d'arbre en papier journal et de la peinture pour les feuilles

Fall trees with newsprint trunks. Maybe have kids look up images of trees on computers and discuss how they would change the art project to fit the season. ie What would the bare branches look like in art

The Very Busy Kindergarten: 101 Day Freebie and Ideas

Newspaper and black paper dalmation collage. but I'd need fade-proof black construction paper for this to really pop!

Silly Pumpkin Art Project

Silly Pumpkin Art Project (Art Projects for Kids)

portrait de monstre

rED mONSTER - original painting on canvas, for nursery or kids room, monster art, cute monsters