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Like the one time I dropped acid on my foot and waited until I was done with what I was doing before I went to go clean it off. <<< Or the time I scratched myself on a table and started bleeding and waited until the teacher called on me to wash up


This book is sad. So sad.][i cry every time i THINK about Leslie and Jess and I read the book over a decade ago.and now after the movie? Thanks, i didnt need my heart anyway.

What Percent Nerdy Are You

What Percent Nerdy Are You? I got You are a full-on nerd, my friend. WEAR THAT BADGE OF HONOR PROUDLY. You don't mind when people come to you for homework help and you DEFINITELY have your favorite fandom. Never let anyone take away your true nerd shine.

p ; palefl0wer ✧*:・

Every letter and numeral in English is in this diagram. Every English language book you've ever read is right there. *brain explodes* edited to add: if you can't find a letter, read the comments, someone has probably explained where to find what you're l