Anne of Green Gables

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a lamp sitting on top of a white table next to a potted plant and framed pictures
a gazebo with snow on the ground and trees in the background
a room with a bed, chair and rugs on the floor in front of it
two yellow curtains hanging on a wooden rail in front of a white wall and floor
Secret Linen Store Mustard 100% Linen Loop Top Curtain (Single) - W 168 x L 229cm
red leaves hang from a branch in front of blurry background with focus on the leaf
How to Plant Under Maple Trees
a grove of trees in the middle of a grassy area with green grass and tall trunks
Birch trees in a forest stock photo. Image of leaves - 10849948
a yellow curtain hanging on the side of a wall
Solid Pale Corn Yellow Color Sheer Curtain by PodArtist