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Have Courage & Be Kind Printable from the Cinderella Movie. #printable #cinderella #cinderellamovie

Have Courage & Be Kind – quote from Disney's Cinderella Movie. It takes more strength and courage to be kind to those who are cruel to you than to be rude to them and full of hatred for them.

America flag shoes shoes sneakers patriotic fourth of july Chuck Taylor's. I need these for Mae!

There is 1 tip to buy these shoes: america usa ootd converse merica starss stripes red white blue converse american flag all stars customized.

A ball shaped car is perfect for any small, lonely person. This car fits one. (musclecars.faketrix.com)

This one would be perfect for G-ma to get to work. Little green pea car! Yes, can't you just see smooshed green pea car when some uncoordinated SUV driver "bumps" into it? Not good- cute and efficient but that is a bit of problem.

"Cat Tail Speak" from Fun Cat Facts #81...*I remember that my sweet Buffy did the "Crazy about you" tail a lot and I thought it was funny...now I miss it.  CLICK to see all 100 Fun Cat Facts...VERY INTERESTING!

Kitty Speak - this is interesting. some people believe that because cats have different "tail" language than dogs this is the reason for their feuding. But when a dog is raised as a young pup with cats, he learns cat "tail language".

Indisputable Proof That Doctor Who Is Based On Actual Events....this list is actually pretty impressive!

Indisputable Proof That Doctor Who Is Based On Actual Events.this list is actually pretty impressive!<<<some of them are Photoshop and the Tardis is just a police box, but a lot of them are awesome