Eira Hookana
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Ceramic Relief Tiles

Students will be able to create a tile relief sculpture using carving and applique techniques. Mudworks Pottery: New Wall Plaques - flowers, flowers, flowers-- great idea using carving and applique techiniques to created nature inspired tiles

Nishihata Tadashi – Tamba ware

Nishihata Tadashi Tamba ware glazed footed teabowl with faceted carved exterior, 2007 Wood-fired stoneware with creamy ladle-poured ash and iron-oxide glazes 3 x 5 x 5 inches Inv# 5645

Color Mixing 101: How to Mix Brown Paint in Acrylic

Brown is a vital color in acrylic painting, but there& no reason to buy a tube of it! Learn how to mix brown paint using only primary colors on Craftsy!