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Night sweats, begone. (In Partnership with Total by Verizon) Useful Life Hacks, Technology, Beauty Hacks, Life Hacks, Sleep, Sleep More, Overall Health, 5 Ways, Track
5 Ways Sleep Tracking Can Help You Sleep More Comfortably
Night sweats, begone. (In Partnership with Total by Verizon)
a sink with the words 10 common cause of mold in your home and tips for prevention
10 Common Causes of Mold in Your Home (& Tips for Prevention!)
Household mold is one of those terrible adult realities that you weren't thinking about when you were a kid wishing to grow up faster. It can cause a host of health problems and thousands (and thousands) of dollars in damage, and it can flourish in any home. Preventing mold damage is all about controlling moisture and responding quickly when you notice signs of mold growth. Focus on these 10 common mold sources.
a person reaching for food in front of an open refrigerator with the words 10 foods you actually shouldn't store in the refrigerator
10 Foods You Actually Shouldn't Store in the Refrigerator
People have strangely strong opinions about refrigeration. Some grew up in cold peanut butter houses and learned to keep ketchup and condiments on the countertop or hot sauce in cold temperatures. Others swear that peanut butter should only be kept at room temperature and that nothing edible belongs in the fridge. The food storage debates will rage on. In the meantime, clear up some space in your own fridge by pulling out some things that don't need to be there.
a person standing on top of a rock with the words how to common summer pests and how to prevent them
10 Common Summer Pests & How to Prevent Them
During the warm summer months, insect activity is at an all-time high, and they will find a way to pester you both indoors and outdoors. Keep yourself prepared for battle with these pesky insects with this list of 10 of the most common summer pests and how you can prevent them.
kids are playing in the water and spraying them with their hands while they play outside
10 Fun & Easy Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool
Sure, sometimes it would be nice to have a pool, but think of how much money you save by not having one! Unfortunately, this isn't much comfort when it's so hot that you can barely stand to move. Cannonballing into the deep end is just one of dozens of fun ways to cool down on a sweltering day. This summer, you're going to have an (icy) blast in your own backyard with no pool maintenance required.
the title for 3 easy hacks to thread a needle, written in white on a maroon background
3 Easy Hacks to Thread a Needle
Believe it or not, July 25 is actually National Thread the Needle Day. You could celebrate this day by finding a path between two opposing views or by shooting a billiard ball through a narrow pathway. You could even "thread the needle" in your yoga class. In our opinion, the best way to honor this day is to help you ramp up your sewing game by giving you three easy ways to thread a sewing needle.
a man holding a dog in his arms with the words can you afford a dog?
10 Hacks to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer Heat
There's basically nothing you wouldn't do to keep your dog happy, but when it comes to making him comfortable in the summer heat, it's hard to know what your dog wants. Every pup has his own preferences, so one dog may love ice cubes, while another may be inexplicably terrified of them. Experiment with a bunch of easy hacks to find the ones that help your favorite furry friend stop panting and enjoy the 10th nap of the day in comfort.
a man standing next to a tent with the sun setting in the background and text overlay
10 Summer Camping Tips to Stay Cool in the Heat
When you spend the night communing with Mother Nature, she gets to choose the temperature. A camping trip that coincides with a heat wave doesn't have to be a miserable experience, though. Packing a few key items and following a few simple strategies should help you beat the heat while you sleep under the stars.
11 Grocery Shopping Secrets: Tips to Save $$
10 Surprising Ways to Use Toothpaste
How to Soften Butter Quickly
Getting soft butter in a pinch has never been easier!
10 Surprising Ways to Use Bobby Pins