caractériELLE: Dix couronnes de Noël à faire soi même..

Warm and cozy snowball wreath made from yarn for front door decoration. Winter and Christmas wreath. Wrap yarn around styrofoam or balls of newsprint.

Instant beauty: vines, linen string and a metallic heart decor

Instant beauty: vines, linen string and a metallic heart decor

| Rustic Christmas Decor by mawm

Wired Star Garland or Wreath - wire is sandwiched between old book pages or sheet music that have been cut into star shapes. Simply glue the paper together, with the wire in the middle, then add glitter - via Sa Vitt Jag Vet

Diy, candle, boots, lace   Saappaaseen valettu betoni kynttilä tuikku

Use childrens old rubberboots as model to make these beton boots for candles.

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When I have a regular classroom - not a portable - I've got to make one of these for my library. Greener Grass: Circus Peanuts and Book Wreaths

Lovely Gift Idea for Valentine’s Day – DIY

Lovely Gift Idea for Valentine's Day - DIY

tutorial at #33

4 Christmas gnomes in a row "Love these gnomes! Made from a German magazine I bought last Saturday." simonedk super cute gonk like christmas gnome plushies great toy pillow for kids

Simple Valentine's Day Mantel with Sheet Music Wreath   -too bad I don't have a mantle! :-)

Valentine's Day Mantel and Shelf Displays

So Christmas is officially over now and put away. The house looks so bare and lonely. The good news is, it’s on to Valentines day! So first thing I needed to do was get my mantl…

Wonder how it would look to do a head board out of these? Book page rosettes wreath.  against a dark wall or door - gorgeous!

DIY: Book Page (sheet music?) Wreath Tutorial - easy DIY on making this wreath out of old book pages & a wreath form. It is time consuming, but so worth it, so you may want to start with a small wreath first:)

DIY Vintage Ladle to Shabby Candle Holder

silver ladle candle holder - you have no idea how much I love this idea! Super cute for kitchen decor(:

Lavender Linen Heart Sachet

Lavender Filled Linen Heart Sachet Valentines Day by eabdesigns - etsy

turhaa touhua: Joulukranssi tupsuista - Pom Pom wreath

turhaa touhua: Joulukranssi tupsuista - Pom Pom wreath