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Sunday Blessings to you SIC.❤️ May your day of worship fill you with peace & joy✨ As we light the last candle on our advent today we reflect on the Love JESUS has for us❤️ John rejoice & celebrate The Birth Of Our Lord✨.

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The interior of the New Year Cut Christmas snow angel, etc.


Have some old logs and sticks and want to do something fun? These rustic reindeer a a great way to use up that old wood this holiday season! Click through for step by step directions holiday christmas ornament

"The Organic Backyard Vineyard" walks the small grower through the entire process of starting a backyard vineyard, including: how to design and build a vineyard; how to select grapes for each region; how to maximize yield using organic maintenance techniques; how to build a trellis; how to harvest at peak flavor; and how to store grapes for winemaking.

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