could be used for Easter or other holidays too )black cat for halloween) Cute animal hug - Valentine's Day craft idea

Printable Kids Valentine's Candy Huggers. Download Today!


Valentine bookmark craft kit from Kazsmom on Etsy. Looks like hearts laminated between two lamination sheets to me, with hole punched in the top for a ribbon. Could change up from hearts to Christmas trees, or Christmas star and such.

Cute bookmarks!

book marks made out of paint samples! free and easy! -I'm forever losing my book marks too, some paint samples are in the shapes of leaves too very pretty idea

Ladybugs punch art - heart punch - bjl

Lovely ladybug valentines-addition, subtraction, multiplication, division: Number of hearts, when you open the wings the answer is on body.

Perler Beads Bubble Wand (can be used as party favours or party gifts) - video tutorial

Perler Beads Bubble Wand Stuck for party favour ideas? The bubble wands can be used as party favours, party gifts, or a great kids Activity.

DIY Heart Stamps-Easy to make and great for preschool art projects for Valentine's Day

DIY Heart Stamp Art

What's more magical than love? Beaded heart wands for Valentine's Day.

Bead Heart Wands - Valentine's Day Craft

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