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Check Out The Rihanna Makeup Line, Fenty Beauty & Launch Party (Jeffree Star Attended?


Rihanna is my favorite singer. She is so beautiful and at my dance class we dance on lots of music but we all love to dance on Rihanna's songs.

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Rihanna is a huge influence in the fashion world today. She is very original and is unapologetically herself which is a huge appeal and good of example of what people today are trying to portray.

The Mise en Dior pearl is a new classic. Getty Images - HarpersBAZAAR.com

#theLIST: Bijoux: 15 Earrings That Make the Look

It just so happens that by matters of circumstance and good designthe earring is having a moment. With pearls, on cuffs, as a single earring only or unrelentingly luxethis particular jewelry piece has been widely embraced by the red carpet set

Rihanna wears a high ponytail and glittery eye makeup. // #Beauty #Makeup

Hot or Not? One Guy Tells the Truth About 10 Fall Beauty Looks

Rihanna at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles | LOLO

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Elegant: The Barbadian beauty Queen Rihanna was graceful as she looked out at the sea -BAD GAL RIRI

Rihanna On Dior Campaign - Being The First Black Woman (Vogue.co.uk)

Rihanna On Dior: "It's A Big Deal"

RIHANNA has spoken about what it means, personally and in the larger sense, to her to have been named has the first black woman to front a Dior campaign. The French label confirmed on Monday that the singer was set to star in its next Secret Garden film,