Alum foil over dried, raised glue and wiped down with shoe polish. - looks awesome!

Foil Drawings

Tin foil art ~ Looks like fancy metal work. Get some cardboard, tacky glue, aluminium foil and black shoe polish. Create a design with glue, adhere the foil, finish off with some black shoe polish!

I used fishing line and painted designs on the bow. It's kind of awesome.

Funny pictures about How to make a mini bow and arrow. Oh, and cool pics about How to make a mini bow and arrow. Also, How to make a mini bow and arrow.

Painted stones - tic tac toe :)

Painted stones - tic tac toe, dollar store board and paint, DIY quick and cute gift, kids can help find perfect rock, busy time

robots!  maybe use scrap cardboard...

Robots from boxes--definitely!" Not sure who that is, but ROBOTS. OH MY GOODNESS. This would be perfect as a collaborative project with an English teacher, if kids were to read a sci-fi, futuristic book that had robots.

Recycled Garden Lantern

How to Make Garden Lanterns Make your own candleholders from recycled tin cans. Light holders for the garden