Fairytales are more than true; not because they tell us, that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be b e a t e n
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It's true, people spend more time on their phones than with other people, even their loved ones. But you can't photoshop to prove a point because devices are still being used.

You and all those like you are selfish FOOLISH FOOLS if you think Procreation is an option or about FREE WILL, it is a privileged DUTY to Fertilize the EARTH as it Sustains US all without question or difference. WOMAN have become more IGNORANT with MATERIAL success, you have allowed yourself to be mislead by your own LIES, the EARTH with all it’s glory is the only OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT living WOMB and YOU are nothing more than a cheap imitation of the original. For your insolence YOU will…

or whatever the fuck your name is, your comments are hilariously ignorant and you're stupid. Only a truly stupid person thinks this way. You should never be allowed to have or be anywhere near a child.

I'm glad you put the Christian one in cause a lot of people think that all Christians are Christian™

People need to realize that there’s a difference between straight people and Straight People™. Just like how there are white people who are gay and then there are the White Gays™<< I have never loved a post more. God bless whoever made this