Marimekko Rasymatto mugs, drink your tea in style, a touch of monochrome always looks divine.

Finlayson Iltamuumi bed linen set I Iltamuumi-pussilakanasetti Finland


Marimekko Tuuli Black / White Upholstery Fabric Tuuli, Finnish for wind, is a Marimekko upholstery pattern with black trees swaying in a storm on a white background. This gorgeous, mysteriously ominous black and white pattern was designed by Maija .

Finlayson Niiskuneiti bath towel I Niiskuneiti-kylpypyyhe Finland

Finlayson Elephant children´s apron I Elefantti- lasten kerniessu 12 €

Finlayson Elephant decorative pillowcase I Elefantti-koristetyynynpäällinen 16 €

Färg & Form Body Skyer Grå - Färg & Form - E-M - Varemerker

Färg & Form Body Skyer Grå - Färg & Form - E-M - Varemerker

Finlayson Taimi cushion case I Taimi-koristetyynynpäällinen 16 €

Färg Form Black Elk Tea Towel

Elk or Moose . In US we have both and we would call these moose. In Europe, they don't have North American Elk . and for whatever crazy reason, they call their moose "elk" . I'm pretty sure it's just to confuse me.