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Elias Pulkkinen
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Tavallinen työpäivä

Tavallinen työpäivä

Surface 2 with LTE available tomorrow for $679 | The Verge

A LTE Surface 2 that taps into AT&T's wireless network arrives on March

Apple launches cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C

Apple launches cheaper iPhone but not in the US

Fujifilm X-T1

Fujifilm's latest X-series camera is its least expected yet. The IR is a variant of the fantastic mirrorless camera, and matches it in just about every regard apart from its sensor — this.

Samsung's Galaxy S5 takes on the top smartphones around

There were a number of big smartphone announcements today, but in the end, all eyes were on Samsung to see what it would do for the Galaxy the latest in its incredibly popular line of phones.

Buying a camera: everything you need to know

Aperture ISO Shutter & Other Photography Tips By David Pierce and Vlad Savov Cameras are everywhere. There’s one in your laptop, two in your phone, and probably a pair in your tablet that you’ve never used. There’s maybe one in your doorbell,.

Acer Aspire S7 review (2013)

I'm at feet, in seat on a Delta flight from San Francisco to New York City. I’m next to a large man in a pink shirt and tortoiseshell Ray-Ban glasses, who could barely wait until