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Easy Snowflake Drawing with Chalk and Glue - The Kitchen Table Classroom
a collage of photos with santa claus riding a sleigh
DIY Noël Activités & Déco
a painting of a person standing in front of a blue and white background with snow balls
404 - SomDocents
a painting of a rabbit with red berries on it's chest and nose, in the snow
a painting of some trees in the snow
Winter Trees - I want to try this in a mixed media way with water color and torn paper
an art project with snowmen in the window
Winter Activities for Kids
the first grade snowmen are made with felt
Adorable Close-up Snowman Painting | Deep Space Sparkle
a painting of a snowman in front of a night sky with stars and trees
Art with Mrs. Nguyen
a snowman is standing in the middle of two trees
SNOWMEN ACTIVITIES, BOOK IDEAS, and PRINTABLES for KIDS | Clutter-Free Classroom | by Jodi Durgin
a black and white paper cutout with trees and houses in the background, on a wall
Askartelijan idealaari
a snowman themed bulletin board in the hallway
Christmascocktails - Christmascocktails
a painting of a snowman with trees and a red ball in the air above it
the snowmen are painted in different colors and patterns on this bulletin board for students to use
Warm/Cool Snowmen Paintings