Elina Filppula

Elina Filppula

Elina Filppula
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Testosterone is one of the most powerful hormones which is produced by a male body in the testicles and is linked with the epitome of manhood (though women also have it in smaller amounts). The power of this super male hormone is of no wonder that it help

Everyone and anyone who wants/feels the need to bind should always be safe! and do your research so you KNOW what's safe! *smooches*

Never bind with anything that isn't proper clothing. Use a sports bra or a proper binder.

Same goes for Trans Girls, In case you ever feel like no one is respecting you, just know you are freaking perfect and I'm proud of you! You Are Amazing! You Are Beautiful! You Are Gorgeous! And You Are More than Perfect! I love you!

Dear Trans girls, You look so cute and really adorable and super girly. Also your really awesome hope you have a nice life be are to express yourself everyday love you!

Akaashi Keiji ... I'm dead  His respect for Bokuto kills me and gives me life XD

I'm dead His respect for Bokuto kills me and gives me life XD<< I ship them soooo hard *Dies in corner*

(...) "La solitudine poteva essere una bestia molto pericolosa." (...)  [Tratto da TRACCIATI di Sveva Nistri]  #ilmioesordio2016 #ilmiolibro.it

(Open) "What the heck." Cody Montegue says in awe, as he and (y/c) had been assigned to a mission. And had stumbled across a huge wall bedecked with elegant white bricks. The brunette man steps closer to it, bravely touching it. "Let's climb it.