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four different types of names in german
Kumman valitset? -kysymykset ajattelua ja keskustelua herättämään
a cartoon depicting two men sitting at a table with papers in front of them and the caption that says, pattellypakniat
Päättelypähkinät – Pulmallista aivojumppaa ryhmätoimintaan – Tankenötter
a sign with the words tultikupahkinat and an image of a cow
Tulitikkupähkinät ovat oivaa aivojumppaa | Tändstickgåtor
an info sheet describing the different types of facial expressions in people's heads and body
Juttu-tuvan juttusalkku – ryhmän vuorovaikutusta tukevaa tekemistä
a poster with different types of people on it's back cover, and the words in
Meidän luokassamme
a poster with an image of a flower in the middle and words below it that read, eri tomoiden materialeleja rhymatominifia lymattomiintan
Eri toimijoiden materiaalia ryhmätoimintaan kootusti
some lights that are hanging from a tree branch in the night time, with no leaves on it
Stargazer Cascade Falls Lights, 7’ Plug-In
two signs are attached to the side of a refrigerator with magnets on it and one has a green button
Viikon taito
a poster with people around the world in different languages and numbers, all on one circle
Sivua ei löytynyt | Espoon kaupunki
a woman in an orange shirt is holding her hand out with the words avolumppa written on it
Aivojumpalla löydät tasapainon ja voit rauhoittua
Aivojumpalla löydät tasapainon ja voit rauhoittua
a vase filled with pink flowers sitting on top of a table next to a fireplace
How to make a recycled cherry tree decoration
This is so pretty! Pop on over to the blog Rachael Rabbit for the tutorial on how to make a recycled tissue paper cherry blossom decoration.