potted herbs and plants for side garden

potted garden - HOH Cyclamen, frost resistant for cool places indoors and outdoors. Autumn Heather, bud blooming for longer enjoyment. Chrysanthemums, early autumn flower that is sensitive to freezing temperatures.

Fall Wreath - Wreath for Fall - Grapevine Wreath with Bright Fall Leaves and Realistic Bittersweet

Wedding wreaths come in all shapes and sizes and make beautiful additions to reception décor. I'm not only talking about the church doors, but also about c

Gör en höstkrans med rönnbär | Blomsterlandet.se

Gör en höstkrans med rönnbär | Blomsterlandet.se

Frascos reutilizados y decorados. Via Kendin Yap en Facebook

Housewarming gift in a jar-love this idea! ~ Such an adorable DIY makeover for old jars! They would be great for tucking gifts inside of too.