Kalevala Koru | Muinaispukukorut

Jewelry replicas for Kaarina Kirkkomäki dress by Kalevala Koru, Finland.

Kalevala Jewelry  32/1 Räisälän riipus, Pendant of Raisala

Räisälä pendant by Kalevala Koru jewelry. Plants have symbolised the energy and course of life. This simple decorative plant motif in this piece of jewellery consists of four palmettes resembling palm leaves that have been spread open to form a fan.

Kalevala Koru- Teljänneito

This brooch features the same pattern we've been seeing in cord bracelets.

Kalevala Koru!!

Kalevala Jewelry Finland - Tulen henki "Spirit of the fire" bronze and amber

Kalevala jewelry

Beginning of life - Amethyst jewel with 14 carat gold - Kalevala Jewelry from Finland.