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a pink and purple dress with large ruffles on it's back side
Texture by Asta Masiulyte at
an abstract piece of fabric with circles and squares in grey, on a white background
an intricately designed piece of wood with holes in it
eva camacho Eva Camacho
an image of a white quilt with circles on it
Celtic Bubbles Part II ~ Variations
a close up view of some type of decorative object with holes and circles on it
Ula Einstein draws with fire on paper, cuts paper and threads it back together.
the back of a woman's top is shown
a knitted bag sitting on top of a carpet
Knit bubbles and “stitch ditchers/dumpers”
closer sample to the bubble knit
Outfits, High Fashion, Fashion Week Paris, Moda Casual, Fasion, Outfit
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the back of a woman's shirt with crochet on it
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