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Pullip doll ~ when I get a good camera, I might needa get a cool, little model.

I love pullip dolls so much >,< they are so beautiful I am jealous of this one


Me when my certain teacher tells me to do something. I just refuse cuz she's stupid af.

This boy was bullied for liking My Little Pony. He tried to kill himself and is now in a coma. REPIN for him.

Please pray for 11 year old Michael Marones who was bullied and taunted for liking My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He tried to commit suicide and now is in a coma. Please pray and take the time to read his story.>>>I like my little pony ❤️


I HATE CANCER! My best friend's grandpa (who was like a grandpa to me too) passed away from Bone cancer, and the dad of a now 5 year old kid I babysit passed away from pancreatic cancer. I do NOT want one of my parents to die from it!